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In looking to grow my business I have had no greater ally and business partner than Diversified Brokerage Specialists. This relationship has given me access to competitive products and the expertise to bring the right options to my clients quickly. If I was to look back at the past few years Diversified has been one of my greatest and most profitable partnerships. There is no greater ally to the independent agent looking for life, DI and Long Term Care in the industry.
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AgentQuote Term Life Quote Engine

Special Offer for Diversified Brokerage Specialists Representatives

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For only $15/month, you can have a state-of-the-art term Quote Banner Program.

AgentQuote Term Life Quote Engine Can Be Yours
Give your clients the freedom to make informed choices in term life insurance.

Freedom of Choice

Here’s a Term Life Quote Engine that gives your client the freedom to make choices that fit their needs by providing comparisons of not only the lowest rate, but all the rates that make up the quote.

Our Life Insurance Quote Engine illustrates all the rates on the same line – Preferred Plus through Standard.

Plus, the client can do his or her own field underwriting by comparing his or her own physical make up to the specific insurance carrier underwriting guidelines to determine what rate most likely fits their criteria.

When finished, the client will leave with a true sense of having made the informed, right decision.

Once you review the demo, view the video, and choose AQ2E, we are certain you will also feel, that you made the informed, right decision.

Features that set us apart from other quote engines making Life Insurance Comparisons

All the specific carrier rates are shown on the same line – Term Insurance Comparisons from Preferred Plus through Standard

  • The client can view the specific carrier underwriting guidelines.
  • The client can view all payment modes.
  • Years and Death Benefit Amounts can be changed instantly for making new Insurance Quote Comparisons.
  • In-depth Specific Policy Information
  • Easy-to-use, easy customization
  • Fully Widgetized Quote Banners
  • Lead capture can be added to the quote submit form
  • Choice among available “Application Request” submit forms
  • All data is captured in a manageable data base
  • Fully functional web sites available

Why Term Life?

According to the American Council of Life Insurer’s 2013 Life Insurers Fact Book dated 10/23/2013: “Level Term Insurance accounted for 66.0% of the total Face Amount of Life Insurance sold in 2012 and the total first year premium for all types of life insurance was $21.3 Billion.” Their Source: ACLI tabulations of National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) data.

Let AgentQuote’s Term Life Quote Engine help you get a piece of this year’s premium. It could not be any easier. Just complete the simple form and you could be selling as early as today.

The hardest part is getting a client… the easiest is maintaining a client. Let AQ2E Insurance Quote Engine take care of the hard part.

We have 19 companies available for you. If you have a company you want us to add, just get us to the right contact and we will do the rest.

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