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I truly enjoy working with your staff, especially Florence Reagan.  My business is predominant property and casualty but since I have found Diversified Brokerage my life sales have soared.  It's like having a life division for my agency but hosted by Diversified Brokerage.  It is a win win for both.  Diversified is on it from the day you send the application to the day you receive the policy in the mail.  Thank you for all that you do!
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State Life Linked Benefits LTC Training

Planning for long term care expenses is critical. Asset based long term care plans are becoming increasingly popular. Especially as people age and the cost of traditional long term care gets so expensive. Asset based long term care plans provide tax advantages, long term care protection and death benefits or a return of deposits, even if you never need care. You or your beneficiaries will receive your deposits whether you live, die or quit.

Upcoming Training Webinars:

november 4, 1 P.M. Edt

Asset-Care III- Qualified Money: An RMD Strategy

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november 11, 1 P.M. Est

Stable, Predictable, Guaranteed: Asset-Based LTC Paid for Annually

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november 18, 1 P.M. Est

Care Solutions Asset-Based LTC Annuities

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december 2, 1 P.M. Est

Understanding Chronic Illness and Long-Term Care Life Insurance Options

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