About Life Insurance

Owning an adequate amount of life insurance is very important and in most cases very affordable.  There are many factors to consider when looking at the various types of Life Insurance policies. These same factors can also help determine the appropriate amount of coverage which is needed. Studies show that people who own life insurance feel more comfortable and in control of their financial security.

The most important aspect is that policies provide for the financial security of loved ones.  The policy proceeds can be used for a child’s education, paying off debt, burial expenses and much more. Corporately owned Life insurance policies are a key component to Business Planning.  The proceeds can be used to Buy Out partners, retain key employees, replace a valuable employee and more.

At Diversified Brokerage Specialists an expert life insurance broker will help you with every step in obtaining the most competitive and appropriate insurance plans for your specific needs. You can count on us for both personal and business insurance planning. Our vast experience, resources and dedicated staff will go to work for you, searching the market for the best solution. We offer competitive low cost term life insurance, no lapse guarantee universal life insurance, whole life insurance and indexed life insurance.


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