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Disability Insurance Broker

Disability Insurance Brokers

Disability insurance should be the foundation of any sound financial plan, yet so many Americans find themselves without disability insurance when they need it most. At Diversified Brokerage Specialists, we help disability insurance brokers help their customers find the best disability insurance regardless of medical history.

In today’s world an expert disability insurance broker knows that everything you own and everyone you provide for relies on your ability to generate a stable income. Our disability insurance brokers understand that without your income, everything you have work so hard for can come crashing down. Without disability insurance your family is at great risk. If you are young or unmarried, the need for disability insurance is greater than the need for life insurance. The chances of a disability prior to age 65 are 8 times greater than that of death.

At Diversified Brokerage Specialists our goal is to help disability insurance brokers help their customers find a plan that will provide them with at least 60% of their income on an after-tax basis if they become disabled. The cost can range from 1% to 5% of annual income, and the younger and healthier they are when they apply, the lower the cost. Individual disability insurance can be used to replace lost income, cover debt and make lost retirement contributions due to a disability. For businesses, disability insurance can be used to pay the business expenses of a disabled owner, buy out a disabled owner’s stock or replace lost revenue from a disabled key employee. A disability insurance broker will help their clients choose what policy is best for their company and/or client’s specific needs.

We help our disability insurance brokers sift through the available plans for both long-term and short-term disability insurance. Depending on income, age and available savings, a disability insurance broker may suggest a client purchase both or only one. Diversified Brokerage Specialists will shop the market for the best plan at the right price, and help our disability insurance brokers present their clients with options from only the best companies.

Are you working with a client that has employer-sponsored disability insurance? Though it can be a great benefit, employer provided disability insurance or group long term disabilty is inadequate in many cases. We help our disability insurance brokers with cost and policy comparisons that help them present policies that give their clients more coverage. Your disability insurance broker will review your policy, and help ensure that you have the right coverage.

Contact us today to learn more about disability insurance.

If you are a qualified disability insurance broker, you should be working with Diversified Brokerage Specialists! Our mission is to offer brokers and clients the best available rates and the right policy. We offer same-day turnaround for illustrations and quotes, and marketing materials to help you present the best policy for each customer. Contact us today to find out more!