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In looking to grow my business I have had no greater ally and business partner than Diversified Brokerage Specialists. This relationship has given me access to competitive products and the expertise to bring the right options to my clients quickly. If I was to look back at the past few years Diversified has been one of my greatest and most profitable partnerships. There is no greater ally to the independent agent looking for life, DI and Long Term Care in the industry.
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State Life Linked Benefits LTC Training

The OneAmerica® Care Solutions Deep Dives are a series of webinars designed to go in depth on specific topics related to our asset-based long-term care (LTC) solutions. The webinars are free and will be held every other Friday from 11:00 to 11:30 am ET. Please review the schedule and topics below.

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Q1 2018 Schedule

2/9 – Single Life Cash Value to Fund Joint LTC
This webinar focuses on how to use the cash value of a single insured life policy to fund a joint LTC policy.

2/23 – Care Solutions Ticket
This webinar will introduce and walk through our new application process, known as Care Solutions Ticket.

3/9 – Reimbursement vs. Indemnity
This webinar focuses on the differences between reimbursement and indemnity-style payouts for LTC policies. It will cover the advantages of reimbursement and industry misconceptions of how reimbursement works.

3/23 – Care Solutions Rate Calculator
This webinar will show how to use our rate calculator to run quotes for Asset-Care and the
advantages of using the calculator quotes versus the full illustrations for Asset-Care when meeting with clients.

Q2 2018 Schedule

4/6 – Lifetime Benefits vs. Limited Benefit Periods
This webinar focuses on why lifetime benefits might be more necessary now than ever before when putting an LTC plan in place.

4/20 – Why Joint Life? This webinar will dive into why using a joint second-to-die LTC policy is a significant advantage over purchasing two individual LTC policies.

5/4 – The Great Retirement Income Gap
This webinar will focus on a different approach to talk to clients about LTC planning. We’ll show you how to speak with your clients in a way that resonates deeper with them and creates a more memorable discussion. This is an easy way to discuss LTC planning with clients.

5/18 – Annuity Care®
This webinar will do a deep dive on all three Annuity Care options. It will go into the structure of each solution, the advantages of each, the Pension Protection Act, how to keep a 1035 exchange like-to-like but add another insured, and much more.

6/1 – Qualified Funding Options
This webinar focuses on the different options for qualified funding sources for Care Solutions and the advantages of each. Subjects include using an immediate annuity to fund Asset-Care IV, AssetCare III, and the appropriate use of qualified funds with Annuity Care and Indexed Annuity Care.

6/15 – Illustration Running & Reading
This webinar shows how to run full illustrations in Sales Connection, how to read them, and common questions clients and agents have regarding these illustrations.

6/29 – Asset-Care IV
This webinar will take a deep dive into our annual pay option for asset-based LTC. You’ll learn how to compare Asset-Care IV to traditional, standalone LTC policies and some sales techniques to try when discussing Asset-Care IV with your clients.